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Month: September, 2012

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World from Lost In Drawers on Vimeo.

Here is a little bit of our Disney World trip. Many Mickey shaped treats were had, churros, trips to “France”, lots of flat bread pizza at choose your number restaurants, tons of band-aids were used and many, many, many gift shops.

Now, is it time to plan a trip to Disneyland?

Now can you get Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat out of you head? We sure can’t!

Hollywood Studios

Heather and I could gush about Disney for days, and in a sense we have…there is so much fun to be had at Disney World. Our last day was upon us, and it was a day of favorites and surprises. We headed over to Hollywood Studios, where along with favorite rides and characters and many many pictures…there is a wonderful exhibit on Heather’s favorite, one of her many heroes Walt Disney. It was an amazing look at the history of his life and work, and featured so many artifacts, including his entire office as it was!

Heather’s mom Nancy, being amazing as she always is, made us reservations at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater! It was very cool, with great clips from so-bad-they’re-good B movies from the 50’s and really great food. Anything nostalgic is pretty close to our hearts. And as we explored the city streets, Orlando finally delivered on its promise of rain and yet it didn’t slow us down too much. We were walking down an empty street in “San Fransisco” and Belle and Mary Poppins rounded the corner, holding hands and talking. Naturally, we got a picture and were then tipped off to the amazing scene around the corner where about 20 characters were all hanging out. It was wonderfully weird and awesome.

The day was heading towards dusk and soon enough we were headed to Epcot again for an evening of our little group of four running around, catching last minute rides, taking in the environments of the World Showcase again and soon enough the fireworks were going off and we were thinking of our little sleepy puppy. Thank you for being magical, Disney, until next next time.


Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom. It’s iconic, it’s all things Walt Disney, Disney and magical and on day two of our adventure, it was our destination. I have wanted to take Bo here for as long as we have been together, because Disney World is most definitely one of my favorite places on earth. And what a day we had in store.

I’ve wanted to go to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa here at Disney World for a long time, for reasons including how it reminds me of the Grand Hotel from Somewhere In Time! My amazing, lovely, kind mother, knowing me so well made us breakfast reservations for the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Character Breakfast (which we highly, highly recommend)!

I mean, who can not love meeting Alice, and as you can tell by the humongous smile on my face it was unbelievably joyful. I am, of course, a HUGE, HUGE Alice In Wonderland fan, and meeting the best Alice you could have asked for made both my day and this birthday trip. It was a fun morning of Mickey waffles, and my husband transforming into a happy kid. There were many, many shops on Main Street to explore, and every turn proves that the Magic Kingdom is indeed magical. We rode my (and now Bo’s) favorite ride Space Mountain, and found ourselves eating Mickey Mouse shaped anything, buying the aforementioned 2nd pair of Minnie Mouse ears and having so much fun. It feels good being an all around kid, and when you are free to be childlike stress doesn’t exist. As the day turned to dusk, the grounds decorated for Halloween was spectacular, the lights twinkled and the excitement for the fireworks was everywhere. So, naturally we bought a Mickey & Minnie balloon! It was special day for our family making memories and having the best time.

So, there aren’t quite words thankful enough to express to my mother how much we love and appreciate her. There is all that she does for, not only for our family, my birthday, planning every detail, getting reservations, and making the day and the trip wonderful, but she is a giver. And we cannot thank her enough.


Special events warrant vacations, and being Heather’s 28th, we grabbed our family and hit the road. This is our second road trip to Orlando inside of a year, but being that this trip was to Walt Disney World, it couldn’t have come soon enough! After a winding drive along the coast, we arrived to Orlando where Mr. Emory was soon whisked off to meet new doggie friends at the nicely appointed (and fairly new) Best Friends Pet Resort on the Disney grounds, where he got his own little suite to hang out for the day. And then our own Disney adventure began.

We headed to Epcot, where all the memories of my childhood trip came flooding back and of course every trip Heather’s family has made to Disney…just entering the Disney gates is always magical. I felt like a kid again. So, it was a whirlwind of acquiring many Mickey/Minnie ears (4 to be exact) for Heather, running around meeting so many classic characters, from Mickey and Minnie to Pluto and Goofy and of course Heather met Marie from Aristocats! Many good moments, from Soarin’ to the Little Nemo & Friends and exploring the countries of the World Showcase. You could spend a few days in Epcot, and a day alone in the world showcase shopping and eating and generally taking a million pictures. And pictures this trip again are following our love of 35mm film, where we came armed with cameras and the risk of every shot being unknown. It was an amazing start to an amazing trip, topped off by a surprise birthday cake waiting for Heather at the Omni Resort! Disney was only teasing us as to the surprised this trip would give us!

He wonders if the world is becoming a dream or if the dream is becoming the world.

Well, I thought I might pull off one last “summer” dress, which happens to be my birthday dress. Nothing says turning 28 like a white eyelet dress and bare feet? One last hot hoorah. The weather turning towards fall is perfection, but I hesitate to write it, for fear of Texas weather and its ever changing moods. Overall, moving to New Orleans is looking better and better, eh?

We are taking the long trek to Florida this week, and the packing has just begun. We seem to have so many bags, being that its just us and the little Pomeranian. We don’t even have children! But as we assemble the necessities: our Disney movies, snacks, books, and a pile of sunglasses. Disney World is something we have always wanted to do together, so we are off on an adventure! Have I mentioned that we are also just a little ready to go? Honestly, we were ready two months ago. It’s been a few years for me, but for Bo its been 27 YEARS! He went when Epcot was first open and he didn’t even get to meet Mickey Mouse, which is sad no? So, you better believe we will be standing in the long, long line to get a hug from that mouse.


It’s here, my 28th year is finally here. And what better way to be in your late 20s better than hot pants, standing on a rock and while we’re at it, Austin BBQ!

28 years. 28 years of learning about life, making so many mistakes, growing into maturity, failing,  and succeeding. My life has been full to the brim so far, and while the challenges are present every day, I don’t think I would change most things.

Looking back at all I’ve lived, what would I tell myself at 18? I’m worlds away from the girl I was at 18. I would tell myself to have patience.  To be brave and bold with every choice and action. Also, to slow down and breathe in the good in the world.

So, being from Texas and it being my birthday, why not make a special trip to Austin via a stop at West, TX for kolaches. Can we say enough about Czech Stop of West TX? Simply the BEST kolaches and we may have purchased too many? Never past West without stopping. Ever.

Austin was busy and very hot as always. But hot or not there was BBQ to try. We decided on Stiles Switch BBQ in north Austin, and it proved central Texas BBQ is always amazing. (Best ribs of my life) The capital at dusk was very nice, but soon enough it was time to get back to a certain Pomeranian waiting patiently at home.

All in all, a full day as my 28th year ramps up, for Disney World among other things!

Here’s to you, twenty-eight.


Is there anything better than seeing one of your favorite movies on the big screen for a pre-birthday get together? We had the chance to view Annie Hall on 35mm film (which is playing Fri, Sat, Sun!) the historic Texas Theater in Oak Cliff.  We’ve seen Woody Allen’s masterpiece so many times, but it was our friend Katie’s first viewing and I was thrilled that she got to see it on the big screen. There is magic in the crackle of film projected onto screen! Katie and I somehow wore our Christmas color dresses in honor of the holidays, I suppose? How did this happen?

The film was followed by a wonderful meal at Eno’s Pizza Tavern in Oak Cliff (which is growing on us as of late), and the generosity shown in a bevy of precious made from her own hands gifts! Thank you again, Katie for you kindness.

Is it time for Austin BBQ?!

It’s September Already?

No, but seriously. It’s September already?

How did that happen?

Life around our house has been exceedingly on the go the last few weeks so it is no surprise that we’ve been busy since Labor day. However, with a three day weekend, we took advantage and stayed home the whole weekend, cooking, relaxing, shooting new dresses, sewing projects and planning for Heather’s birthday trip to Disney next week! The three of us are more than ready for a road trip, and who can resist the charm of the magic of Disney World? We sure can’t. And so it is September, and the next week should carry us all the way to the Holidays! Right?