by lostindrawers

Is there anything better than seeing one of your favorite movies on the big screen for a pre-birthday get together? We had the chance to view Annie Hall on 35mm film (which is playing Fri, Sat, Sun!) the historic Texas Theater in Oak Cliff.  We’ve seen Woody Allen’s masterpiece so many times, but it was our friend Katie’s first viewing and I was thrilled that she got to see it on the big screen. There is magic in the crackle of film projected onto screen! Katie and I somehow wore our Christmas color dresses in honor of the holidays, I suppose? How did this happen?

The film was followed by a wonderful meal at Eno’s Pizza Tavern in Oak Cliff (which is growing on us as of late), and the generosity shown in a bevy of precious made from her own hands gifts! Thank you again, Katie for you kindness.

Is it time for Austin BBQ?!