by lostindrawers

It’s here, my 28th year is finally here. And what better way to be in your late 20s better than hot pants, standing on a rock and while we’re at it, Austin BBQ!

28 years. 28 years of learning about life, making so many mistakes, growing into maturity, failing,  and succeeding. My life has been full to the brim so far, and while the challenges are present every day, I don’t think I would change most things.

Looking back at all I’ve lived, what would I tell myself at 18? I’m worlds away from the girl I was at 18. I would tell myself to have patience.  To be brave and bold with every choice and action. Also, to slow down and breathe in the good in the world.

So, being from Texas and it being my birthday, why not make a special trip to Austin via a stop at West, TX for kolaches. Can we say enough about Czech Stop of West TX? Simply the BEST kolaches and we may have purchased too many? Never past West without stopping. Ever.

Austin was busy and very hot as always. But hot or not there was BBQ to try. We decided on Stiles Switch BBQ in north Austin, and it proved central Texas BBQ is always amazing. (Best ribs of my life) The capital at dusk was very nice, but soon enough it was time to get back to a certain Pomeranian waiting patiently at home.

All in all, a full day as my 28th year ramps up, for Disney World among other things!

Here’s to you, twenty-eight.