He wonders if the world is becoming a dream or if the dream is becoming the world.

by lostindrawers

Well, I thought I might pull off one last “summer” dress, which happens to be my birthday dress. Nothing says turning 28 like a white eyelet dress and bare feet? One last hot hoorah. The weather turning towards fall is perfection, but I hesitate to write it, for fear of Texas weather and its ever changing moods. Overall, moving to New Orleans is looking better and better, eh?

We are taking the long trek to Florida this week, and the packing has just begun. We seem to have so many bags, being that its just us and the little Pomeranian. We don’t even have children! But as we assemble the necessities: our Disney movies, snacks, books, and a pile of sunglasses. Disney World is something we have always wanted to do together, so we are off on an adventure! Have I mentioned that we are also just a little ready to go? Honestly, we were ready two months ago. It’s been a few years for me, but for Bo its been 27 YEARS! He went when Epcot was first open and he didn’t even get to meet Mickey Mouse, which is sad no? So, you better believe we will be standing in the long, long line to get a hug from that mouse.