Hollywood Studios

by lostindrawers

Heather and I could gush about Disney for days, and in a sense we have…there is so much fun to be had at Disney World. Our last day was upon us, and it was a day of favorites and surprises. We headed over to Hollywood Studios, where along with favorite rides and characters and many many pictures…there is a wonderful exhibit on Heather’s favorite, one of her many heroes Walt Disney. It was an amazing look at the history of his life and work, and featured so many artifacts, including his entire office as it was!

Heather’s mom Nancy, being amazing as she always is, made us reservations at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater! It was very cool, with great clips from so-bad-they’re-good B movies from the 50’s and really great food. Anything nostalgic is pretty close to our hearts. And as we explored the city streets, Orlando finally delivered on its promise of rain and yet it didn’t slow us down too much. We were walking down an empty street in “San Fransisco” and Belle and Mary Poppins rounded the corner, holding hands and talking. Naturally, we got a picture and were then tipped off to the amazing scene around the corner where about 20 characters were all hanging out. It was wonderfully weird and awesome.

The day was heading towards dusk and soon enough we were headed to Epcot again for an evening of our little group of four running around, catching last minute rides, taking in the environments of the World Showcase again and soon enough the fireworks were going off and we were thinking of our little sleepy puppy. Thank you for being magical, Disney, until next next time.