Lost in Drawers

Month: October, 2012

The Weekend

This is a smattering of our week and weekend from my point of view. We began the week as we got in the Halloween spirit and painted pumpkins. A surprise came in the mail from our good friend Jill Broussard in the form of copy from an advertisement for her amazing photography. We were forced to retire my vintage loafers due to an unrepairable hole in the side, but our spirits were picked up by the chance to send off a package to Norway! The busy week continued with the receipt of Lula Issue 15 in the mail(!). But it wasn’t all mail runs, as we went back to work and had a successful photo shoot for Lost in Drawers Vintage, and rewarded ourselves with a Sofia mini. It seems like a lot but Emory kept us warm with sly looks and constant humor. And I lost count of the amount of hot chocolate out of this adorable mug gifted from my very kind cousin.

Soon enough, the weekend arrived Dallas served up the best pies of our existence at Emporium Pies in Oak Cliff, and soon I couldn’t not take this vintage gal home from We are 1976 across the street in the Bishop Arts District. We also had a little time to swing by the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show in Grapevine and meet the lovely girls of Vintage Tex. They just happened to have a vintage dress that I purchased that Emory was evidently a big fan of. Lastly, but not least of all, it is Halloween time and all, so we are going with the tradition of years past and watching way too many Jean-Luc Godard films, and so this year we chose Band of Outsiders characters Odile and Franz to dress up as. Because , honestly, any chance to “be” Anna Karina…I’ll take!

Lets be honest, not all of these adventures happened this weekend. It can be stretched out over days at a time. Do we stay busy? Yes. But a lot of the time, we are at home…sitting on our cream (vintage and pretty but very uncomfortable – couch that is covered with blankets, we do have a dog after all). And despite our Facebook timelines, we don’t always make pies, and like anyone we watch way too much television.

So, with a new week arriving, we look forward. And as our close friend that will be missed dearly always said, “make this the best day of your life and sail on”. And we are sailing on, Mr. Leo…we are sailing on.

Shop Update

It’s a shop update time! We got quite lucky with a few new finds this week and couldn’t be more pleased. We really try to bring a variety of dresses and looks for our shop in order to curate different style of dresses that can actually be worn every day. Our other challenge that we try to meet with our dresses is to make sure they are at prices that we can all afford. That’s what Bo and I always strive for with Lost In Drawers. We really do love all eras and all styles of clothing. Yes, even early 1990s frocks! Which can be very versatile and current!

So Lost in Drawers Vintage, thanks you for your support and purchases, from here at home and all around the world!

Top Green Dress-Vintage 1970’s Jerell Petites Dress – Green Flutter Sleeve Dress 

Bottom Top Navy & Cream Dress-Vintage 1950’s Dress – Rite Fit Label – Cream Dress With Navy Print Dress 

Top Floral Dress-Vintage 1990’s Sostanza Contemporary Apparel Dress – Pink, Cream, Green, Black Floral Print Baby Doll Dress

Bottom Brown & Cream Polka Dot Dress-Vintage 1960’s Dress – Dark Brown with Cream Polka Dots Bow Tie Detail

Oh, Great Pumpkin, where are you?

We have had a pretty somber morning and day today. Something in our personal life that has been pretty awful, weighing quite heavy on us and we needed a uplifting night. So, we loaded up little Emory and headed north to Flower Mound to our favorite pumpkin patch.

It’s been kind of a tradition, as we took Emory there last year when he was a wee little tyke. Obviously, this patch is not a pumpkin farm and the pumpkins are all sitting in little rows. But it is cute, with a lot of happy kiddos running around and they have really reasonably priced pumpkins. And considering they have many Disney themed cutouts, that is something we are going to love. Combined with picture opportunities, $5 dollars gets you quite a lot. Even the people are full of Autumn love despite the heat and they are incredibly friendly.

So, this little mini road trip lifted our spirits, tuckered Emory out and got us out of the house this evening. A lot of prayers and covering are going our tonight for our special friend in need. Life is precious, and every moment is a chance to make an important memory with your family. Don’t let it slide by…make the most of it.

The Weekend

My oh my, do we love October around this house! Not even the warm temperatures could stop us, as we had the pleasure of hosting my parents this weekend at our house. Which meant homemade brownies from my mom and two full bags of Halloween candy to eat. It’s been a good week to say the least.

We got to see a digitally remastered Mary Poppins in a huge theater on the big screen, and basically had the theater to ourselves. I love Mary Poppins, and I love Jane Banks stylish self so very much. After watching it, I found myself  spending hours on Etsy searching for Mary Poppins hats and the like.

While getting ready for my parents to arrive, it really was the perfect time to buy lots of flowers for their arrival. Who doesn’t love a good mum? And who doesn’t love a good reason to go to Lowes to find paint for random furniture around the house. Our family loves to go the theater, and we were able to go see The Addams Family musical amid the insanity of the State Fair at the Fair Grounds in Dallas. It was fantastic, with some amazing performances and stunning sets. So much fun! There is nothing more important than time spent with family.

So, the month is heading towards Halloween, and there is so much to get ready for…candy to eat, costumes to design possibly, and MANY shows to watch on ABC Family for 13 Nights of Halloween!

Now, if I could only get Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey Chim chim cher-ee!
A sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be
Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey
Chim chim cher-oo!


One of my favorite tumblrs, Confetti Garden.


Shop Update

It’s that time again, another Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop Update! We have gotten some really pretty and quirky, just all around lovely, dresses up. As it was, we were able to get them quickly, fresh from our seamstress. And the results of our alterations? I just couldn’t get them on our mannequin fast enough.

I do hope you enjoy them, and hope you might find something you will love. We really do love finding these pieces, and then finding them a great home. It’s a thrill and a passion for this business, to make vintage wearable and modern.

There is more to come this autumn and winter from Lost In Drawers, so please do stay in touch with us!

The Weekend.

It’s been a busy week. We are grateful for every package we have been able to ship off from Lost In Drawers Vintage. And so, the weekend came and we were off to check out the Urban Street Bazaar in Oak Cliff. And it was still going on as the storms rolled in, so we found our way to a new favorite in Eno’s Pizza Tavern. Any pizza with homemade cheeses and prosciutto has to be perfect, documented by a perfectly imperfect picture.

We also had a full Sunday, as we went to church in the morning. It has been apart of our journey in looking for and finding a church community for us to be a part of. It felt good to be in service, and even better to know we are seekers again. Followed by a Sunday family lunch, we love a lazy Sunday of window shopping. Oh, and finding Snow White spatulas? (Which is kind of perfect for cookies while watching Once Upon a Time.) So another week is here, and we are already off and running with great new items in our Etsy store and a week of work and family time on the weekend!

Is it Halloween yet? I’m ready for my 150th viewing of Hocus Pocus on ABC Family…I mean really.


Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Really? Where is our Autumn weather, sir? As a couple, we have a little tradition of going to our local botanical garden around this same time every year. And on this October trip…we got nothing. NOTHING! You would have thought we would have got some good shots on 10/11/12. But we will just have to wait, and wait we will…because we can outlast any Indian Summer.

Weather aside, I did get some things accomplished. I got several dresses back from our seamstress. Which is always fun because I often pick dresses out that have good “bones,” but may be too long, or have too matronly sleeves. And when we get them back after alteration, the dresses now have more modern fit for a vintage dress. These turned out great and we are pretty pumped about putting them up very soon. Speaking of vintage, we are heading over to Oak Cliff this weekend to check out the Urban Street Bazaar. Which we are pretty excited, as it is our goal of goals to start doing shows (all in due time, of course)!

And while social media is running rampant after yet another debate, we are trying to keep our mind off politics. So, no matter what we believe or how we might vote…our opinions are our own and are not necessarily for broadcast. It’s easy for anyone to (over)speak opinions and lose sight that it could make others uncomfortable, etc. So, instead of wading into political arguing – our goal is to try and love others more…I think Jesus said something about that.

Shop Update

Autumn, Autumn, Autumn! Why is it when the weather changes the slightest bit you feel like you need a whole new wardrobe. Right? Please take a look at our new lovely Ladies and Gentlemen pieces in store! You can’t really go wrong with a floral print dress and/or warm cardigan, now can you?

It’s Here

Cold Weather, that is. It is quite chilly these past few days for Texas standards. Though more than likely, it could change very soon. Is that enough weather talk? Goodness gracious, who and how old am I? Anywho, so the cold weather brings out fall outings and the best of spirits in our house. Our Frankenweenie viewing was SO SO GOOD, being interpreted we teared up many times and wanted to leave the theater asap and go hug Emory and never let him go. Our hunts yielding the best cream colored pumpkins in Fort Worth, and the search for the ever elusive pink pumpkins. I also picked up a really good book at B&N that I am getting through with speed and highly recommend.

But most of all, we got to send out some lovely packages (the 2nd time one has gone to Australia) far and wide from Lost In Drawers Vintage, and in turn scored majorly at our favorite Thrift Town! Emory is slowly getting into the autumn spirit and decided to try out his Halloween costume. It’s been joyous, so let’s just say our Elton John albums have been spinning a lot more lately.

And being that it’s Sunday, it was suddenly make-a-pie night. I had been eying a certain cheesecake pie recipe for awhile, and so while our homemade chili was being hovered over by Bo, I decided to whip up the aforementioned pie. And while I was at it, this particular pie needed a friend so I added a pie on the side for Bo’s work. a dark chocolate silk pie. And it was a success all around.