It’s Here

by lostindrawers

Cold Weather, that is. It is quite chilly these past few days for Texas standards. Though more than likely, it could change very soon. Is that enough weather talk? Goodness gracious, who and how old am I? Anywho, so the cold weather brings out fall outings and the best of spirits in our house. Our Frankenweenie viewing was SO SO GOOD, being interpreted we teared up many times and wanted to leave the theater asap and go hug Emory and never let him go. Our hunts yielding the best cream colored pumpkins in Fort Worth, and the search for the ever elusive pink pumpkins. I also picked up a really good book at B&N that I am getting through with speed and highly recommend.

But most of all, we got to send out some lovely packages (the 2nd time one has gone to Australia) far and wide from Lost In Drawers Vintage, and in turn scored majorly at our favorite Thrift Town! Emory is slowly getting into the autumn spirit and decided to try out his Halloween costume. It’s been joyous, so let’s just say our Elton John albums have been spinning a lot more lately.

And being that it’s Sunday, it was suddenly make-a-pie night. I had been eying a certain cheesecake pie recipe for awhile, and so while our homemade chili was being hovered over by Bo, I decided to whip up the aforementioned pie. And while I was at it, this particular pie needed a friend so I added a pie on the side for Bo’s work. a dark chocolate silk pie. And it was a success all around.