by lostindrawers

Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Really? Where is our Autumn weather, sir? As a couple, we have a little tradition of going to our local botanical garden around this same time every year. And on this October trip…we got nothing. NOTHING! You would have thought we would have got some good shots on 10/11/12. But we will just have to wait, and wait we will…because we can outlast any Indian Summer.

Weather aside, I did get some things accomplished. I got several dresses back from our seamstress. Which is always fun because I often pick dresses out that have good “bones,” but may be too long, or have too matronly sleeves. And when we get them back after alteration, the dresses now have more modern fit for a vintage dress. These turned out great and we are pretty pumped about putting them up very soon. Speaking of vintage, we are heading over to Oak Cliff this weekend to check out the Urban Street Bazaar. Which we are pretty excited, as it is our goal of goals to start doing shows (all in due time, of course)!

And while social media is running rampant after yet another debate, we are trying to keep our mind off politics. So, no matter what we believe or how we might vote…our opinions are our own and are not necessarily for broadcast. It’s easy for anyone to (over)speak opinions and lose sight that it could make others uncomfortable, etc. So, instead of wading into political arguing – our goal is to try and love others more…I think Jesus said something about that.