The Weekend.

by lostindrawers

It’s been a busy week. We are grateful for every package we have been able to ship off from Lost In Drawers Vintage. And so, the weekend came and we were off to check out the Urban Street Bazaar in Oak Cliff. And it was still going on as the storms rolled in, so we found our way to a new favorite in Eno’s Pizza Tavern. Any pizza with homemade cheeses and prosciutto has to be perfect, documented by a perfectly imperfect picture.

We also had a full Sunday, as we went to church in the morning. It has been apart of our journey in looking for and finding a church community for us to be a part of. It felt good to be in service, and even better to know we are seekers again. Followed by a Sunday family lunch, we love a lazy Sunday of window shopping. Oh, and finding Snow White spatulas? (Which is kind of perfect for cookies while watching Once Upon a Time.) So another week is here, and we are already off and running with great new items in our Etsy store and a week of work and family time on the weekend!

Is it Halloween yet? I’m ready for my 150th viewing of Hocus Pocus on ABC Family…I mean really.