Oh, Great Pumpkin, where are you?

by lostindrawers

We have had a pretty somber morning and day today. Something in our personal life that has been pretty awful, weighing quite heavy on us and we needed a uplifting night. So, we loaded up little Emory and headed north to Flower Mound to our favorite pumpkin patch.

It’s been kind of a tradition, as we took Emory there last year when he was a wee little tyke. Obviously, this patch is not a pumpkin farm and the pumpkins are all sitting in little rows. But it is cute, with a lot of happy kiddos running around and they have really reasonably priced pumpkins. And considering they have many Disney themed cutouts, that is something we are going to love. Combined with picture opportunities, $5 dollars gets you quite a lot. Even the people are full of Autumn love despite the heat and they are incredibly friendly.

So, this little mini road trip lifted our spirits, tuckered Emory out and got us out of the house this evening. A lot of prayers and covering are going our tonight for our special friend in need. Life is precious, and every moment is a chance to make an important memory with your family. Don’t let it slide by…make the most of it.