The Weekend

by lostindrawers

This is a smattering of our week and weekend from my point of view. We began the week as we got in the Halloween spirit and painted pumpkins. A surprise came in the mail from our good friend Jill Broussard in the form of copy from an advertisement for her amazing photography. We were forced to retire my vintage loafers due to an unrepairable hole in the side, but our spirits were picked up by the chance to send off a package to Norway! The busy week continued with the receipt of Lula Issue 15 in the mail(!). But it wasn’t all mail runs, as we went back to work and had a successful photo shoot for Lost in Drawers Vintage, and rewarded ourselves with a Sofia mini. It seems like a lot but Emory kept us warm with sly looks and constant humor. And I lost count of the amount of hot chocolate out of this adorable mug gifted from my very kind cousin.

Soon enough, the weekend arrived Dallas served up the best pies of our existence at Emporium Pies in Oak Cliff, and soon I couldn’t not take this vintage gal home from We are 1976 across the street in the Bishop Arts District. We also had a little time to swing by the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show in Grapevine and meet the lovely girls of Vintage Tex. They just happened to have a vintage dress that I purchased that Emory was evidently a big fan of. Lastly, but not least of all, it is Halloween time and all, so we are going with the tradition of years past and watching way too many Jean-Luc Godard films, and so this year we chose Band of Outsiders characters Odile and Franz to dress up as. Because , honestly, any chance to “be” Anna Karina…I’ll take!

Lets be honest, not all of these adventures happened this weekend. It can be stretched out over days at a time. Do we stay busy? Yes. But a lot of the time, we are at home…sitting on our cream (vintage and pretty but very uncomfortable – couch that is covered with blankets, we do have a dog after all). And despite our Facebook timelines, we don’t always make pies, and like anyone we watch way too much television.

So, with a new week arriving, we look forward. And as our close friend that will be missed dearly always said, “make this the best day of your life and sail on”. And we are sailing on, Mr. Leo…we are sailing on.