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Month: November, 2012

Make Pie Not War

It really was sorta like Christmas morning today when I reached in our box to get the usual (mostly junk) mail. We got our first Christmas card, but even better was that I received my gift package from Make Pie Not War! I mean, how can you not smile at that name?

Make Pie Not War is the wonderful custom jewelry company run by Alana Little. Based on the West Coast, Make Pie Not War began in 2007 and specialize in what they describe as “eclectic handmade jewelry…for the radical lady (and men too). I call them beautiful and unique pieces Bo & I both instantly gravitated too.

This little gem I received today was handmade with love by Alana. We found each other on Etsy. And I couldn’t be more pleased. Custom stamped with my favorite word KINDNESS, it couldn’t be more perfect…and came in adorable packaging! I love it all so much. And as we speak, a package for Alana is headed west in kind.

So, check out Make Pie Not War – I know you’ll love as much as I do!

(And with supporting Small Business Saturday, I’m wearing this great vintage dress from our local Chic Swag-Wagon! So fellow Fort Worthians, check out Trisch with Chic-Swag-Wagon, as well!)

Lost in Drawers Vintage-Etsy Shop Sale

Lost in Drawers Vintage is having a FALL FROCK SALE!!! All Dresses are 35% Off from now until December 1st!

Bo and I strive and find joy in finding lovely, truly wearable vintage fashions. We would love for you to incorporate our pieces into your modern wardrobe. Vintage is unique and one of a kind and we hope it’s just what you’re looking for!

Help us make room for some great holiday pieces in December!

Decking the Halls and All That Jazz

It’s that time again. A little early this year it seemed, but after you’ve had about the 9th plate of leftover Thanksgiving food in 3 days you get a little crazy from all the carbs(?) So, being carb overloaded and all, we decided to put up our new tree which was given to us by Bo’s parents.

We now have two fairly big trees, and picking a theme proved to be difficult. (First world problems, I guess) So, we did one of the things we love the most. Disney, Disney, Disney. Note that this might not be the the hippest, coolest or Pinterest friendly thing we could have chosen. Just something we love a whole lot. It brings us joy, and that’s what Christmas is all about right?

These photos weren’t without struggle. We had a little pomeranian boy that was sick of our shenanigans, and despite its warm glow Christmas lighting, lets just say, isn’t the most flattering. And what do we say? Perfection is overrated! But it’s just November 25, maybe we will get it right soon enough!

Here we go holidays-See the blazing yule before us,: Fa la la la la la la la la. Strike the harp and join the chorus.

Fa la la la la la la la la RIGHT?!


Small Business Saturday – Fort Worth Texas

Bo and I, being that we are Lost in Drawers Vintage, want to support our city with its local businesses and all of the vintage community that is building around town. So, it was a perfect fall Saturday that just happened to be Small Business Saturday, a perfect day to get out and about in our neighborhood.

We have had a recent group of vintage fashion trailers pop up on the west side and that is something that makes us very excited. We love that the Fort Worth vintage scene is growing by the day. Hale House Vintage Living, Chic Swag-Wagon, Lulus Unique Shop are all a part of this swelling interest in vintage, something that is of course near and dear to our hearts. (We thank our new friend, Trisch, of Chic Swag-Wagon for the really great vintage print dress!) There were some nice finds for our wardrobes and it felt good to support the scene on Montgomery Street! We highly, highly recommend you check them out.

So, we are pledging this 2012 holiday season to shop small, spend local, eat local and enjoy local. So, wherever you are…we’d hope you’d do the same!


Let’s just start this out by saying we had the privilege of having both of our families over to our house for thanksgiving. Considering the wealth of  experience our respective mothers have hosting holiday feasts, needless to say the bar had been set.

So, we tried to put on our Sunday best, for when family is coming over you want to go all out. Bo wore quite the manly lumberjack shirt, Emory donned his Pilgrim hat and I wore a dress I bought 5 months ago. And if Thanksgiving isn’t a time for polka dots, then I just don’t know what is.

We really tried not to stress out about having family over. Both families in OUR house has never occurred. Our families haven’t really had the chance to be around each other that much.  Throw in the fact that there would be cooking and decorating involved? It is apparent stress would tend to come on full force. So, we tried to be on our A game.

I decided to use a LOT of flowers in all the Mason jars Bo keeps insisting we buy, and an assortment of vintage plates. Not that it mattered what they looked like, as every plate was covered in my husband’s feast. I was proud of him when everyone at the table said his turkey was the best they had ever had. (I mean they have to say that, right? No but really it was incredibly good.) It was an incredibly traditional thanksgiving (full of brown food?), and we are thankful to be well fed.

And we are so blessed and the list of things to be thankful for starts with family. We love our families so much, and to be around them for the holidays and all the trips my family makes to see us is a major blessing. It’s a part of what makes our life so great. So, while our families are different (in the best ways), days like to day show what a premium it is to make memories. We have a great life together, full of more joy than challenges. So, here is to a Thanksgiving together with those we love and a Happy Holidays to come.

Anthology Issue No. 9

Lost in Drawers Vintage

Its been just over three months since we officially launched Lost in Drawers Vintage. It’s been an amazing journey so far, where we have learned so much. Every week is a new learning experience as we learn about the vintage market, how to rotate our inventory, learn the ebb and flow of the seasons, what trade shows are gaining traction locally and where our type of vintage clothing sells. We love what we do, and we want everyone to be able to love what we specialize in, wearable, modern vintage clothing.

Heather & Bo

P.S. We just relisted all of our dresses! Please do take a look, and see if anything catches your eye!

Shreveport, Louisiana

So, lets just say that for Heather’s 28th birthday I kind of messed up the day..I messed up a lot. And that is not easy to admit or write. But we try to be real honest on our blog. To make up for it, I planned a trip she knew nothing about other than it included a lot of things she loved. And that trip?  A trip east to Shreveport, Louisiana.

It’s no secret that we love Louisiana, but much of our experiences are tied to the wonderful New Orleans. Shreveport is another side of the state. We love road trips, and so with an armful of CDs (yes, compact discs…remember those?!) we grabbed some kolaches from Busy B’s Bakery here in Fort Worth and headed out. So, what to do in a new city? Find the best treats, of course. I took Heather to to a great little bakery called Eat Desserts First, because they specialize in her favorite, french macaroons in flavors that were new to us. Soon enough, we were exploring the galleries and gardens if the R.W. Norton Art Center & Gardens, which had the nicest docents we have ever encountered also don’t miss their creepy yet awesome doll collection. What is it about Louisiana people and how kind they are?! Because they are full of kindness.

And no trip to Shreveport would be complete without a walk on the Riverfront Park. And the barbeque brisket purchased roadside on the trip home? Just our kind of punctuation on a day I hope was more in line with how much Heather means to me.


Here We Go

We try and keep it very, very light on the political front on our blog. We have opinions on top of opinions and thoughts aplenty. Meaning, it’s not just fashion and musings here on Lost In Drawers. But, as a rule we really try and guard our tongues as much as possible. In the same vein of trying to live out a conscientious life, Bo and I are Christians and following the Gospels, we try not to force feed any of our beliefs down peoples throats. But what we will say is that we do believe that it is important for us to take a step back and see that no matter one’s political beliefs, we are all apart of the same Creation.

So, we hope that all of us will choose kindness towards everyone, and to follow Christ’s words to love others as we love ourselves. It’s okay to step off political and religious high horses and just be human. We want to be real, and normal and accept everyone…because we too want to be accepted for who we are. It’s hard not to come off as cheesy Christian fluff, but that’s our goal. All of us can and should embrace a kinder, gentler approach towards each other. God willing, the sun is going to come up tomorrow and life will still be happening. As a couple, we just want to say that normalcy is possible. It’s going to be okay. So, in the end we hope that we can just get along with everyone everywhere.

This whole life thing might not be so hard as we make it out to be? So, are we all good? *now throw on your sequin American flag vests and cue ‘God Bless the U.S.A.’*

Heather & Bo

Lula Magazine Issue 15

A wee bit of inspiration and all things lovely for a Monday!