Shreveport, Louisiana

by lostindrawers

So, lets just say that for Heather’s 28th birthday I kind of messed up the day..I messed up a lot. And that is not easy to admit or write. But we try to be real honest on our blog. To make up for it, I planned a trip she knew nothing about other than it included a lot of things she loved. And that trip?  A trip east to Shreveport, Louisiana.

It’s no secret that we love Louisiana, but much of our experiences are tied to the wonderful New Orleans. Shreveport is another side of the state. We love road trips, and so with an armful of CDs (yes, compact discs…remember those?!) we grabbed some kolaches from Busy B’s Bakery here in Fort Worth and headed out. So, what to do in a new city? Find the best treats, of course. I took Heather to to a great little bakery called Eat Desserts First, because they specialize in her favorite, french macaroons in flavors that were new to us. Soon enough, we were exploring the galleries and gardens if the R.W. Norton Art Center & Gardens, which had the nicest docents we have ever encountered also don’t miss their creepy yet awesome doll collection. What is it about Louisiana people and how kind they are?! Because they are full of kindness.

And no trip to Shreveport would be complete without a walk on the Riverfront Park. And the barbeque brisket purchased roadside on the trip home? Just our kind of punctuation on a day I hope was more in line with how much Heather means to me.