by lostindrawers

Let’s just start this out by saying we had the privilege of having both of our families over to our house for thanksgiving. Considering the wealth of  experience our respective mothers have hosting holiday feasts, needless to say the bar had been set.

So, we tried to put on our Sunday best, for when family is coming over you want to go all out. Bo wore quite the manly lumberjack shirt, Emory donned his Pilgrim hat and I wore a dress I bought 5 months ago. And if Thanksgiving isn’t a time for polka dots, then I just don’t know what is.

We really tried not to stress out about having family over. Both families in OUR house has never occurred. Our families haven’t really had the chance to be around each other that much.  Throw in the fact that there would be cooking and decorating involved? It is apparent stress would tend to come on full force. So, we tried to be on our A game.

I decided to use a LOT of flowers in all the Mason jars Bo keeps insisting we buy, and an assortment of vintage plates. Not that it mattered what they looked like, as every plate was covered in my husband’s feast. I was proud of him when everyone at the table said his turkey was the best they had ever had. (I mean they have to say that, right? No but really it was incredibly good.) It was an incredibly traditional thanksgiving (full of brown food?), and we are thankful to be well fed.

And we are so blessed and the list of things to be thankful for starts with family. We love our families so much, and to be around them for the holidays and all the trips my family makes to see us is a major blessing. It’s a part of what makes our life so great. So, while our families are different (in the best ways), days like to day show what a premium it is to make memories. We have a great life together, full of more joy than challenges. So, here is to a Thanksgiving together with those we love and a Happy Holidays to come.