Decking the Halls and All That Jazz

by lostindrawers

It’s that time again. A little early this year it seemed, but after you’ve had about the 9th plate of leftover Thanksgiving food in 3 days you get a little crazy from all the carbs(?) So, being carb overloaded and all, we decided to put up our new tree which was given to us by Bo’s parents.

We now have two fairly big trees, and picking a theme proved to be difficult. (First world problems, I guess) So, we did one of the things we love the most. Disney, Disney, Disney. Note that this might not be the the hippest, coolest or Pinterest friendly thing we could have chosen. Just something we love a whole lot. It brings us joy, and that’s what Christmas is all about right?

These photos weren’t without struggle. We had a little pomeranian boy that was sick of our shenanigans, and despite its warm glow Christmas lighting, lets just say, isn’t the most flattering. And what do we say? Perfection is overrated! But it’s just November 25, maybe we will get it right soon enough!

Here we go holidays-See the blazing yule before us,: Fa la la la la la la la la. Strike the harp and join the chorus.

Fa la la la la la la la la RIGHT?!