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Month: December, 2012

Downtown Disney


Downtown Disney. What can we say? After a very early morning on day two of our road trip, and many hours of driving later we arrived in Orlando and our first stop at Downtown Disney. Even though I have been to the parks many times, and this was Bo’s third trip, we had never had a day to spare to go to this shopping area. And while it was quite chilly for Florida, we honestly cannot pass up any chance to visit a super-sized Disney store, which is really what Downtown Disney is. So, many churros later and a lot of popping in and out of said shops and getting our first treats, we had a great start to our Disney Christmas vacation.

And what is Disney without a trip to Magic Kingdom and many Dole Whip floats? Much, much more on that later!

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Lost in Drawers Vintage

1930sputz&tree photo

Lost in Drawers Vintage will be on Christmas Vacation starting December 21 thru January 7! Any purchases during this period will not ship out until after January 7th!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, joyeux Noël & The Happiest New Year for you and yours!

Heather and Bo

Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze! Welcome Christmas


It’s almost that time! Christmas is in merely 5 whole days! And this year we will be sharing it with a certain Mouse. But really and truly what Christmas means to us is a representation of so many things. 2012 has been a year to remember for some things and to forget for others. Reflecting on these last few days of the year, it is a blessing and a miracle that we have arrived to celebrate Christmas and step into a new year. But as with years past, we have faced down every challenge and struggle and come out on the other side. Not that it is an easy or charmed life, because we are just regular people with real world lives.

But simply put, we are blessed to have found one another and to make this life together. We complement each other, and we have learned a lot on how to grow as a couple. Family is important, and this year has illustrated how much we need that wonderful support system. And how we needed it as we launched the venture we have been dreaming up for a very long time in Lost In Drawers Vintage! We are so grateful for the opportunity to begin this journey and share our passion with people all over the world. We receive so much more than business when we ship our hand wrapped packages all over the world.

So, it’s been a roller coaster of good, not so good, beautiful and not so beautiful…but here we are. Still with hearts full of dreams and plans, hopeful to find our community and our home where we can continue our path set before us. We have a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate. Christmas is a symbol of hope, and a time where one’s heart proves to be more powerful than one’s head. Embracing that is merry and bright indeed.

Of Love and Dreams To Share


The Peanuts were right…”Snowflakes in the air, Carols everywhere, Olden times and ancient rhymes, Of love and dreams to share…”

Except for that whole snowflakes in the air part. Texas is stubbornly avoiding winter weather, BUT Christmas came early regardless. We had Christmas with the Liles side of our family last weekend. And I got one of the best things from my mother-in-law. A Year Of Pies cookbook! Who needs New Year’s resolutions, when one should start the New Year out with pie! I know I do! Also new? A new shorter haircut seemed appropriate for the new year. Change is good? It’s been a good holiday, giving to others and receiving mighty good things in the post and even all the way from our friends across the pond. Our worldview is growing and that is a joyful thing for 2013.

Playing the part of our own little Elf on the Shelf, Emory has been full of shenanigans lately. Do we need 40 sock monkey friends in bed with us? No, no we do not. But each night a parade of stuffed monkeys appears by our feet, or on top of our clothes, or in luggage. We’re actually trying to pack for our Christmas trip to Florida, and evidently he wants his friends to go along.

In between it all, we have been spending some Christmas time around Fort Worth, and taking in the Christmas around us despite the balmy temps. And the best thing of all was experiencing with some great joy while at the grand old Christmas tree downtown, was a couple getting engaged right in front of us! It was a very special moment for them, and as strangers it was nice to see the love.

And finally, as we still hurt for the great loss in the community of Newtown, we are holding our families close, keeping things in our world in perspective and always attempting to be brave and kind.

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Lost in Drawers Featured on Too Thrifty Chicks

What an honor and great pleasure to have a Q&A with our stylish, creative, thrifty, adventure-seeking, authentic friends at Too Thrifty Chicks!

We want to thank them, cordially for their kindness and support with Lost in Drawers Vintage!


Too Thrifty Chicks

This blog is about our thrifting and fashion adventures, and the things we create.

We rummage through racks on racks on racks.

We like the thrill of the hunt and the victory of the find. We create art. We eschew trends because we create our own.

We are privileged to thrift and create things with our hands because we want to, not because we have to. And for that we are grateful.

We thrift, we imagine, we create, we redefine, we live our lives out loud.

Watch us work!


Take Heart

“For we do not know how to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words.” (Rom8:26) #prayersfornewtown

What do we say about the events of Friday….

In one sense, words are not good enough to express our feelings about the tragedy in Newtown, CT. How do we as fellow human beings respond, how could we live our lives as if this doesn’t affect us? As the scripture above indicates, an act so horrific and debase renders us incapable of any sense of normal prayer. There are more questions than answers, and no easy way to insert God into the reality of what happened. But, the reality is that we have to continue living, even while the families’ of the victims have had their world stopped in a moment. And while this tragedy is not ours, we cannot feel anything but helpless. So, we pray, but most of all we take heart and we choose love and kindness over hate and fear. We are all given a choice, to go along with a culture that endures violence and fear OR we can choose the kingdom that has no end: where love wins every time.

There is a light It burns brighter than the sun He steals the night
And casts no shadow There is hope
Should oceans rise and mountains fall
He never fails So take heart Let His love lead us through the night Hold on to hope And take courage again

In death by love The fallen world was overcome He wears the scars of our freedom In His Name All our fears are swept away
He never fails All our troubles And all our tears
God our hope He has overcome

All our failure And all our fear God our love He has overcome All our heartache And all our pain God our healer He has overcome All our burdens And all our shame God our freedom He has overcome All our troubles And all our tears God our hope He has overcome All our failures And all our fear God our love He has overcome God our justice God our grace God our freedom He has overcome God our refuge, God our strength, God is with us
He has overcome

Put One Foot in Front of the Other


It’s no surprise that the Christmas season goes by super fast. In a mere 8 days, we are packing up and heading to Orlando, Florida. Bo & I are taking a road trip with my too-cool-for-school 17 year-old younger brother. Which I think will be quite interesting for all of us, and a fun one last hurrah with him before he graduates high school. The point of the trip is finding fun in the unexpected, so there will be some stops along the way, but also to get to Disney World just in time for Christmas Eve celebrations with Mickey. Yes, Christmas at the Magic Kingdom.

We’ve been blessed and super busy with Lost in Drawers Vintage! We received our new business cards in the mail today from our talented friends at  PixelsPrinted. And we couldn’t be more pleased with their work – the right amount of modern style and subtle graphics for us. Without hesitation, we highly, highly recommend them. They were efficient, kind and really worked with our requests. An overall lovely experience.

Being the holiday season, it’s been a steady stream of days with a lot of Christmas shopping, enjoying my new Canon Christmas present, writing and sending out our Christmas cards, baking a metric ton of cookies, shopping for our store, making and failing at pies and of course, getting more and more excited by the day about Christmas at Disney World! Did I mention the plan for eating all kinds of Mickey shaped treats?! And in the midst of all this busyness of the season, we are reminded of a quote from our favorite band, The National & courtesy of HelloGiggles to “Be Brave & Be Kind”



Shop Update!


We’ve got a few floral frocks for your viewing pleasure! Bo and I are super excited with the selection we are offering this holiday season.  Be sure to check back often, as we are always adding new and beautiful things!

Lost in Drawers Vintage


Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins


Good grief Charlie Brown, this weather is incredibly annoying; and as Sally Brown once famously said “All I want is what I…I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share.” Seriously. We really have tried to get into the holiday spirit these past few weeks. We were first “burned” when we went our with our friend Katie, and our favorite house in Fort Worth was not done up to the prior expectations we had for it. We have gone to this house every year we have been together, and it has always been magical and spectacular. This year…it was not. And when we went downtown the next day to see the Christmas tree? It felt like a May afternoon and it was dark out, and it was a bummer. Everyone’s energy wasn’t up to what one might expect for the Holiday season.

And so tonight, we went to the Gaylord Texan to see the Christmas decorations since we will be in Florida for Christmas Day..and we have to admit, we were not impressed. So what to do when struggling to get into the spirit of the season? We decided to come home and make Christmas treats. (Even though it looks as though children decorated them, that was all us!) The song, that I am sure gets stuck in everyone’s head, “Where Are You Christmas?” keeps playing in my head. But really no weather and lack of decor around town can bring us down, right?

But again this year, Bo and I must remind ourselves what Christmas is about…kindness and giving, and allowing love to win out over everything else. Texas and it’s bizarre weather, Christmas lights, being in a foul mood isn’t a big deal. But what is Christmas about truly? The story of Jesus is not just what we know from Sunday school from days long gone, but a story about years of struggle and the best laid plans gone awry in the hands of humankind.  Then Jesus came, and the two options for life where opened up to a third option. Freedom in the face of a dark world, a freedom that is mostly realistic, often mysterious and always finding a little piece of hope in the midst of stress.

P.S. My Christmas gift came in the mail, and very early. All thanks to Bo and his generosity. I hadn’t had a legit camera in a very long, long, long, long, long time…it was time to upgrade. Now I’m obviously not a photographer in the least, evident by my iPhone photos posted above. But this will be very fun to learn how to use. Merry Christmas all around!


Shop Update!

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Lost in Drawers Vintage has a nice little update for our dear readers! Bo and I worked well into the early morning and got everything ready for the shop. (And rewarded ourselves with a 5 AM donut shop run! We could get used to this?)

We love our readers, little shop, our business and most of all, our customers. Each and every day, we have so much gratitude and joy for the pleasure of bringing you the best quality, and truly wearable, vintage clothing. Please know that we work hard for you alone. Coming from our varied retail backgrounds, we strive to make our customer service Lost In Drawers number one priority. We hope you love these new offerings for the holiday season!

Nothing gives us more pleasure than packaging and shipping our vintage finds all over the world!

Heather & B0

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