Itsee Trading Co.

by lostindrawers


We love when we find new things in Fort Worth! Especially when it is fashion related. We happened upon Itsee Trading Co. while out with Bo and my mother in law for an afternoon lunch. It’s located adjacent from Old Neighborhood Grill near the Berkley Place neighborhood. Itsee’s focus is something that anyone can get behind, in that they buy like new young womens’ clothing (for cash) and resell them. I looked through the racks, and was immediately drawn to this red floral dress which has a great vintage feel although it is a new design. They have some really nice items so far, and I am sure it will get even better!

We are all about supporting local small business and a “green” business that makes sure good clothing doesn’t go to waste. We are so glad Itsee Trading Co. is here in Fort Worth, and can’t wait to see what they have in store in the future! Check them out for sure!