So This Is The New Year

by lostindrawers


A very Happy and Blessed New Year to one and to all!

We hope all of you we have known, recently met and hope to meet are having a great start to 2013 and have all the hope and joy you deserve heading into another 365. We are so so glad its a new year, and cannot wait to see all the possibility 2013 holds. This last year was one of the fullest years of our lives, with challenges deeper than ever before, adventures had, dreams begun and others fulfilled! We are beyond thankful that we made it to another wonderful year, and honestly couldn’t have done it without many of you.

From those people have found and supported us through Lost In Drawers Vintage, to every act and word of kindness shared, to those family members who have been there every step of the way, it was a year that taught us about ourselves and the lesson that every day is chance to be our best selves. We hope that in 2013 we get to spend every moment showing kindness, giving back, working hard and exploring every path set before us. We are blessed, we are honest and we are incredibly lucky to have this crazy, fun, up/down/sideways, adventure-filled, sometimes maddening but so wonderful life.

So, this is the New Year…here’s to forgiveness, grace, love, kindness and adventures!

Heather & Bo