Christmas, New Orleans and Many, Many Beignets Later

by lostindrawers

As we struggle to have the willpower necessary to take down the last of our Christmas decorations (do we have to?) we were looking back at these photos are from our very hotel Christmas. So, while Fort Worth was receiving a white Christmas as it always does when we are out of town, we made ourselves feel better by swimming and lounging along the lazy river pool and nearly living in the hot tub thanks to the wonderfully mild Florida climate. I’ll take that most days.

So, what does a hotel Christmas involve? Gingerbread construction that Bo took entirely too serious (what a dork) and the terrible Hello Kitty gingerbread house disaster that will never be spoken of again. This trip was all about family time, from the road trip to and from with my brother Connor that was so much fun to Disney with mom to having s’mores around the fire pit and meeting some really kind people while sharing our sweet treats.

It was a year where we made choices that were smart, and very adult. We chose this family time over exchanging presents. There is something so gratifying about making memories and time well spent together as a family.

Soon enough we were back on the road and in the direction of our favorite, New Orleans. Connor made New Orleans fun in the only way he could, and getting to explore and show him a few favorites such as lunch at Stanley (it’s amazing EVERY single time) and enduring the loooooong cold line for Cafe Du Monde. Which by the way, beignets never get old and we could use a half a dozen here in the new year?

So, here’s to you New Year! May it be filled with many, many more beignets! (?)

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