by lostindrawers


Now, I know what you are thinking. First with the pies, and now with the cakes. But hear me out! For Christmas, my really gracious and lovely grandmother gifted me with this incredibly nice bundt pan. And when you receive such a pan, you gotta make some bundts right? As it turns out, bundt cakes are sooo easy. Don’t get me wrong, my first recipe was a complete disaster. I added or didn’t add something or another. And it was awful-ish? The icing situation is also tricky. Do you frost it like a cake? Do you drizzle icing? A lot of googling was going on those first few days. But I have to remind myself, not everything has to be cookbook and/or blog beautiful. You live and you learn each and every time.

But since that first recipe, I’ve gotten the hang of it. I’ve learned that a dash of pure vanilla extract can be your best friend. Bundt cakes are MOIST! And I like that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the hardest thing in the kitchen to make. But from a gal that wouldn’t step foot in a kitchen from I was younger up into my adulthood. (Not without my dear mother trying her hardest, because she is an amazing, amazing cook and baker) I truly loathed the kitchen. Bo is the cook in our family. Partly because I never “learned” besides what? A grilled cheese? But baking does give you a sense of confidence. And I am all about confidence in this new year. On a side note, the best thing about baking here and there is the chance to give it away. Bo and I don’t eat everything. We so would if we could? But we need to have a little control in the new year.

Bundt, bundt, bundt! Have I said that enough?!

Cake is good, bundt is good, Always eat cake!