SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium

by lostindrawers


Free days are a many splendid thing. Bo only has a few Fridays off throughout the year. So, when that time comes around we try to come up with something where we don’t just sit around our house all day. Well, this past Friday off we were suppose to wake up very early and take a little road trip. And let’s just say that the snooze button was hit several times and we never made that road trip.

BUT we did make it out to the grand town of Grapevine Texas. We had been there a year ago specifically to visit the Sea Life Aquarium. It was brand new then, and super, super busy. We didn’t really get to see much of anything and lots of children running everywhere. And being that we tend to be the only adults without kids and don’t want to shove the children out of the way it. So we left early. This time we saw everything twice. We basically had the whole exhibit to ourselves. It was like seeing the amazing sea life for the first time. The aquarium tour guides were incredibly friendly, inviting and informative. We LEARNED! In the process of petting baby Port Jackson sharks, learning about shark eggs (these exist?!), shark births, starfish, sea urchin “hugs” (I mean, life is going to be a little different after you’ve experienced a sea urchin hug!), sea horses feeding and a huge living and breathing octopus!

Learning is fun!

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