Here Here!

by lostindrawers


It is simply the best when you get tokens of kindness in the mail! So a very lovely and huge thank you is in order to the McDine family, and especially little Oscar Fox for this one of a kind thank you card! Also on the thank you list is my husband, for this purchase from our friend Jessica of the wonderful Come Along Fawn! Be sure to check our her Etsy. Adorable, one of a kind jewelry and dresses? I mean, one couldn’t want or ask for more!

In the world of Lost In Drawers Vintage, we’ve been working working working on shooting new dresses and getting some special things done to make great dresses uniquely special. Spring is an incredibly fun time for great wearable vintage pieces. So, we are working very hard and are really excited.

Speaking of working so hard, we needed a break and so we headed south and east to see my parents and brothersĀ  which was so great just lounging and spending family time. And even if I got sick while my husband watched the Super Bowl, there is no better person to take care of you than a mother and my mom is simply the best.

And last but not least, it’s the second month of the year and here we are…trying to get this little boy to understand that Valentine’s Day is next and Christmas is over. He seems to think its a year round event. Maybe it should be? Just maybe.