by lostindrawers


So, its been pretty slow and quiet around here and yet pretty darn busy all at the same time. When we’re not at my parents’ house, we’re watching many a Miyazaki film, reading new books, watching Emory sit in a random box for two hours, again being with our family who is all-the-time greatness, celebrating their anniversary, generally being lazy and completely unplugging from social media and in a way the whole wide world.(Obviously, though not too far from our phones) But isn’t it nice to unplug once in a while?

We have some amazing things poised on the horizon, and hoping in faith that they will blow our minds. And so while we are waiting for miracles, we find things to make the day-to-day a little sweeter. I’ve been obsessed with my custom ring from Come Along Fawn! I can’t seem to pry it off my finger, and I’m okay with this. But the true joy is time spent hanging out with my mother laughing, changing around the layout of our house, and finding the time to have an all around uneventful but still very lovely Valentine’s Day.

Here’s to the little joys and the big hopes.