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Month: March, 2013

It’s That Time Again



Well, it’s our last couple days in our old house that has been our home for the last year. We move on Saturday & Sunday. We have actual movers coming, praise the heavens. Especially with looming storms and a short timeframe. In preparing to start in a new place, I think we have sold almost everything in our house. We put our vintage sofa, refrigerator and a floral chair all on Craigslist and they sold super fast. So, we are learning to live without a fridge for a few days, and getting use to our new larger baby blue dream of a couch. We love it and can’t wait to sit and watch many a tv shows on it. And speaking of love, can I just love on my husband? Not too bad of a guy. And that first picture there? That’s my new best friend, so move over iPad Mini, my new pistachio KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer! I mean. Come on. It’s the greatest thing. So, while it’s sitting in our new house at right this moment, I CAN NOT WAIT to bake many, many things.

But before I can make and bake, we have to finish packing and loading and all that jazz. This is the most inconvenient move ever. We didn’t really want to downsize and move out of our much larger house. But who doesn’t like a fresh new start..with a dishwasher! It’s the small things that matter. But all things aside…from panic attacks to few squabbles, and Emory freaking out about all these new smells and changes – We are moving forward, pressing on…and making our way.

Putting one foot in front of the other. Isn’t that what Kris Kringle said? Is it time for Christmas yet?


Corpus Christi



So, is this the last of our vacation photos? Yes! A better question might be if it is annoying to look at other peoples vacation photographs? I guess I never thought that it was. I just want to pull out my grandmother’s old photos every time I went to her house. Something I still do, and she would and does always sit and talk about each photograph in a way only a grandmother can. Anyway, that was always fun and memorable.  The larger point being: I love photos?

Anywho… It looks as if we have never seen sand before in our lives. But rest assured, we sure have in various forms. But really, the ocean this time of year is salty and very very cold, and we were a little looney due to the many paint fumes all week and the high temps on the coast.  One can forget that the sun gets to you. The trip was fun all around, but now it’s back to the real world! All the rooms are painted in the new house, now it’s all about cleaning, packing and moving by the first of April. Will we survive it all?

Tune in, for sure!

Texas State Aquarium





Another day, another aquarium! No, but really, the Texas State Aquarium is the aquarium of all aquariums in Texas. It’s got dolphins AND sharks! Who doesn’t love both of those amazing sea creatures. We sure do. And as luck would have it, this trip our whole family came along. Getting your younger (too cool for school) brothers to do anything family related is quite the treat.

We rode the ferry from the bayside docks to the aquarium, which was quite beautiful. We hung out with some very friendly sharks, loved on some even friendlier and amazing dolphins. We highly recommend a visit to this great family friendly aquarium if ever you find yourself in Corpus Christi! Do it, for sure!

Helloooooo Spring



We are back! Back in town from Corpus Christi with almost severe sunburns and the task of getting back in the swing of things with home improving our new house. The sea and wind (Oooooh, so much wind in Corpus. Who knew?) did us something good. The sunshine, sea breeze and sand between our toes was a much needed break from all the work we are doing on our new house. Let’s just say it was nice to not go to Lowe’s for the 10th day in a row. Emory made the trip with us, and he enjoyed every minute of it. (Note that he may be in every photo…evidently we are those people?) This was his second trip to the beach, and he ate the sand like usual and soaked up all the attention of so many adorable children at the beach. It was a stress free trip, lots and lots of sea food was consumed, and we had precious family time with my WHOLE family. Yes, my dear brothers came with us and it was great for us all to be together.

So, now it’s back to the real world, with its painting/cleaning/packing and then repeat. We leave you with a few snap shots..more to follow soon!

March 9


March 9th is the day of my mother’s birth. And in our family, we do our best celebrate you up good. And above and beyond anyone I know, my mother deserves to be celebrated to the fullest. She’s pretty fantastic and she deserves everything good in life. She is devoted to and lives for her family, and we are the better for it. We love her for who she is: her kindness, her patience, her wit and humor and above all, the authentic way she lives her life every day.

The Happiest Birthday to her!


Well, Well


We are caught in quite the predicament it seems. Bo and I are renters, and thus we rent our house because we aren’t yet ready to buy a house at this point in our life. We don’t really know where we will be in the next few years, or where we want to be for that matter. So, we rent – and have been quite content with that decision so far. We had just renwed our lease last week and went about our day.

A few days later, we received a letter from our realtor/property management company that the house we are in is to be sold and we need to vacate in 30 days! We were beyond a little shell shocked and feeling a little helpless. (Also keeping in mind that there are a lot worse things in the world, and we are blessed beyond measure) BUT, now it’s time to figure out what we will do! A while finding a new house to rent isn’t necessarily a major down, it is annoying. But we press on, with paint brushes (Why do people paint their houses awful colors inside. WHY?) and moving boxes into the next stretch of road on our journey.

Now off to find 40 shades of some kind of eggshell paint color!

Heather & Bo

Lost in Drawers Vintage-Shop Update!


It’s March! How on Earth is it March 2013? Well regardless it is, and we have a few spring worthy dresses in the Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop. A sprinkling of 70s, 80s and 90s floral goodness for the coming warm months. All of which are ready to be entirely wearable and integrate into your wardrobe ever so seamlessly!