Well, Well

by lostindrawers


We are caught in quite the predicament it seems. Bo and I are renters, and thus we rent our house because we aren’t yet ready to buy a house at this point in our life. We don’t really know where we will be in the next few years, or where we want to be for that matter. So, we rent – and have been quite content with that decision so far. We had just renwed our lease last week and went about our day.

A few days later, we received a letter from our realtor/property management company that the house we are in is to be sold and we need to vacate in 30 days! We were beyond a little shell shocked and feeling a little helpless. (Also keeping in mind that there are a lot worse things in the world, and we are blessed beyond measure) BUT, now it’s time to figure out what we will do! A while finding a new house to rent isn’t necessarily a major down, it is annoying. But we press on, with paint brushes (Why do people paint their houses awful colors inside. WHY?) and moving boxes into the next stretch of road on our journey.

Now off to find 40 shades of some kind of eggshell paint color!

Heather & Bo