Helloooooo Spring

by lostindrawers



We are back! Back in town from Corpus Christi with almost severe sunburns and the task of getting back in the swing of things with home improving our new house. The sea and wind (Oooooh, so much wind in Corpus. Who knew?) did us something good. The sunshine, sea breeze and sand between our toes was a much needed break from all the work we are doing on our new house. Let’s just say it was nice to not go to Lowe’s for the 10th day in a row. Emory made the trip with us, and he enjoyed every minute of it. (Note that he may be in every photo…evidently we are those people?) This was his second trip to the beach, and he ate the sand like usual and soaked up all the attention of so many adorable children at the beach. It was a stress free trip, lots and lots of sea food was consumed, and we had precious family time with my WHOLE family. Yes, my dear brothers came with us and it was great for us all to be together.

So, now it’s back to the real world, with its painting/cleaning/packing and then repeat. We leave you with a few snap shots..more to follow soon!