Corpus Christi

by lostindrawers



So, is this the last of our vacation photos? Yes! A better question might be if it is annoying to look at other peoples vacation photographs? I guess I never thought that it was. I just want to pull out my grandmother’s old photos every time I went to her house. Something I still do, and she would and does always sit and talk about each photograph in a way only a grandmother can. Anyway, that was always fun and memorable.  The larger point being: I love photos?

Anywho… It looks as if we have never seen sand before in our lives. But rest assured, we sure have in various forms. But really, the ocean this time of year is salty and very very cold, and we were a little looney due to the many paint fumes all week and the high temps on the coast.  One can forget that the sun gets to you. The trip was fun all around, but now it’s back to the real world! All the rooms are painted in the new house, now it’s all about cleaning, packing and moving by the first of April. Will we survive it all?

Tune in, for sure!