It’s That Time Again

by lostindrawers



Well, it’s our last couple days in our old house that has been our home for the last year. We move on Saturday & Sunday. We have actual movers coming, praise the heavens. Especially with looming storms and a short timeframe. In preparing to start in a new place, I think we have sold almost everything in our house. We put our vintage sofa, refrigerator and a floral chair all on Craigslist and they sold super fast. So, we are learning to live without a fridge for a few days, and getting use to our new larger baby blue dream of a couch. We love it and can’t wait to sit and watch many a tv shows on it. And speaking of love, can I just love on my husband? Not too bad of a guy. And that first picture there? That’s my new best friend, so move over iPad Mini, my new pistachio KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer! I mean. Come on. It’s the greatest thing. So, while it’s sitting in our new house at right this moment, I CAN NOT WAIT to bake many, many things.

But before I can make and bake, we have to finish packing and loading and all that jazz. This is the most inconvenient move ever. We didn’t really want to downsize and move out of our much larger house. But who doesn’t like a fresh new start..with a dishwasher! It’s the small things that matter. But all things aside…from panic attacks to few squabbles, and Emory freaking out about all these new smells and changes – We are moving forward, pressing on…and making our way.

Putting one foot in front of the other. Isn’t that what Kris Kringle said? Is it time for Christmas yet?