Defying Gravity

by lostindrawers


Well, here we are…in our new house. And if we are going to be anything, we are going to be completely honest. This whole move ordeal is a huge, not fun, and at times terrible kind of change. This was a move not by our choice, and not our dream home or dream city for our future. It’s really hard to get use to, to the point it feels as if we are ghosts in our own life. BUT, this is our season of life, and we are moving forward as we always find a way to do.

To occupy our minds through all of this, I received my Lula issue 16, we have spent quality time with our little Pomeranian peanut trying to teach him the ways of this house even though he won’t stray from our rug to walk across our hardwoods, lots of cookie baking has begun, catching up on Game of Thrones, searching for and dreaming up a new bicycle, and best of all…finally receiving after 10 years of waiting…Wicked tickets! (Bo gets the award of all good and lovely awards…he did a lot of searching, let’s just say we aren’t in the back back balcony!)

So, even when life seems its most difficult, the best thing to do is to take small joys in the little things and know that a season is just beyond the horizon.