Yo, Wear a Helmet

by lostindrawers





Finally. After searching high and low for helmets for me and Bo, we finally find some that we don’t hate and that don’t have horrible visors or pointy backs. We found them shortly after our ride today, so obviously they aren’t in these pics. But, we are all for wearing and being safe with helmets in place. So, despite the cold, (what is up with Texas weather?) Emory and I bundled up and headed out with Bo to relearn this neighborhood. Emory needed the fresh air, as he has been acting a bit…crazy? Many rides will be needed, as our knees and thighs ARE not up to par. Much more exercise needs to be going on in our house as a general principal. We much needed exercise was needed after a batch of homemade gumbo and strawberry shortcake y’all! But really…here’s to summer rides and warmer weather!