It was hopping, It was Leaping

by lostindrawers

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Like Refinery 29 said so perfectly, and first:

There’s nothing hotter than a smart, sassy local lady two-wheeling around town. And, of course, the wisest of those ladies knows that it’s essential to wear a bicycle helmet…

And it’s true. If you cycle, you need a helmet. They are hilarious looking, and can be quite dorky feeling to wear. But safety first, yes? But enough about that as we aren’t the police, we just want people to be safe.

Today was a mighty good day, people. We had sunshine, BBQ, visited Doc’s Records for National Record Store Day, and best of all, hung out with our bestest of friends Katie for a belated birthday get-together. We do love her, she is a friend that just gets “it”. The world is a better place because she is in it. And she is the funniest of the all funny people because she knows how to be herself. Those are the people who make a day like today one to remember.