Warby Parker-Aldous & Boyd

by lostindrawers

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With the Texas sun already blazing, summer seems to be making an appearance and it’s only April! Geese! If we ever needed sunglasses, we needed these wonderful frames from Warby Parker’s Summer 2013 Collection .

As Warby Parker so brilliantly says, Sand dunes, hammocks, little sculptures made of driftwood.Gone are the socks, the formal affairs, the after-dusk shivers. It’s summer, which means it’s time to let loose a little.

We are wearing the Aldous in English Oak and Boyd Marbled Charcoal models and we can say with confidence that these sunglasses live up to their namesake.We had never used the Home-Try-On program for the sunglasses before. It is quite wonderful to be able to try on both optical frames and sunglasses both as summer will be here before any of us know it. The frames themselves are well made, and we both commented on how well the lenses performed in the Texas sun. Paired with vintage lace and jean cut offs for a day of bike riding on a sunny day and we can see them equally worn all dressed up. Amazingly versatile and stylish for everyday wear!

It was just a perfect day for bicycles and all the flowers the heat hasn’t consumed just yet. We can’t recommend the new sunglasses from Warby Parker enough!

Defiantly, Defiantly try yourself a pair!