New Orleans City Park

by lostindrawers

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While we try to visit New Orleans every few months, this was our first time to City Park in the northern part of the city. The park is a beautiful and very large 1400 acre complex that has something for everyone. We got the sounds of Jazz Fest brass bands, echos of The Black Keys on the main stage, actors performing Shakespeare in the park, we got some bicycle riding in, enjoyed the fresh air, people watching among the always kind people of NOLA and New Orleans Museum of Art Sculpture Garden. The great joy of New Orleans is always the feeling you get when you arrive and you hear that random and unexpected music playing in the air and the city comes alive. It’s a great place to be, and can we just say how we had the best grilled cheese of our entire life at Il Posto in Uptown. A great first day back in our favorite city. More to come…..

(And lastly, can I just say that these new shoes I purchased are the most bike friendly shoes I own!)