Lost in Drawers

Month: May, 2013


  Lost in Drawers Vintage will have our first booth at the Craft Fair in Sundance Square! We are beyond excited, we are getting things ready and tagging everything in sight! We want to see you all! YES you!

Home Outfit

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We are back home from being with my family for Memorial Day weekend. And though we will be seeing them again in 3 days time for my youngest baby brothers high school graduation, I have to say that I love going home. I love that my family lives in a small town, I love that it rains so much there that they get way more toadstools than we ever see in our neck of the woods. And I especially enjoy that there are never next door neighbors around, so that I can go stand in front of their fence anytime for a “outfit shot.” God Bless America.

But you know what I really love right now? While we were at my parents, we got a email expressing interest in Lost in Drawers Vintage being in a local craft/vintage show downtown in Sundance Square. Pretty pumped! More info coming very very soon!

Memorial Day


Memorial Day- A day of so much thankfulness, family, lots of puppies and for the love of all that is good.. lots of FOOD!

Hello Clio

8780340148_0eac2ab121Well, it’s been a long time coming. We’ve discussed a “sibling” brother for our beloved little Emory for quite sometime. We thought, we prayed, we made many decisions mentally and emotionally to ensure we did every thing in our power to adopt the right companion for Emory. We got our heartbroken a few times during our search. But this adoption just fit with us. So here he is. We adopted Mister Clio August, and we couldn’t be happier. He is a Pekingese puppy, and everything that goes a long with a puppy will come. But, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. At the end of the day, it was always about making Emory comfortable and very happy. He is our first pride and joy. He is slowly coming around to Clio.

We got a lot of questions as we let our friends and family know, mainly – why get ANOTHER dog? Are you afraid to have kids? You love Emory so much, how can you love another? Why the name Clio? Why the name Emory? In answer to the latter, both names were found on a list of old fashioned/vintage names that are formally Male names from the early 1900s. We liked the way they sounded, they fit their personalities, they fit together as E & C and so there we have it!

As far as the other questions? Yes! We do want kids, a baby to make our home a family. We actually have baby fever to the max at the moment. Both me and Bo. We love children, and have always had an affinity for all children and babies.

But for now we wanted another dog, for Emory’s sake. Being they are pack animals, we wanted him to have a companion to share adventures with, someone to love and grow up with!

As if you couldn’t tell, we looooove Emory! He is our everything, and was one of the most timely blessings when he came into our family. There’s enough love and kindness to go around. We adopted Clio and he is in his forever home. That’s something special to celebrate.


Dallas Asian Festival


This was our first time going to the 23rd Annual Asian Festival in Dallas, and let me tell you, it was more than worth the free admission and $5 parking! No, but really, it was a lot of fun. Pork on a stick, the adorable kid dancers, perfectly refreshing boba/bubble tea from Delish Bubble Tea in McKinney, finding the perfect Totoro to take home, posing with said Totoro everywhere and generally having a great time on the first truly warm day of the year.

We even continued our current Pinkberry obsession as we searched the Dallas area for all things Studio Ghibli. We finally made it by Anime Pop which is a wonderful stop for all things anime. A very hot, yet fun, but still quite dorky way to start up the summer!


A Beautiful Mess App

8747169894_04e452ed0bI think everyone on the Internets is cuckoo crazy for the new ABM APP, and we are jumping on that bandwagon wholeheartedly! If you haven’t tried it? I suggest a visit to your app store and download it, best money you ever will spend!



Messages on a Napkin


Hey Guys & Dolls-Messages on a Napkin is having a little Lost in Drawers Vintage Giveaway! Hop on over there and chchcheck it out!

Messages on a Napkin!




Oh, hello there “summer”.  Summer for Texas that is, because spring is a very brief season in our fair state. It’s entirely unpredictable, as a couple of hours later it decided to storm and launch tornadoes and sling hail on all of us. But for the first part of the day, it was summery, full of sunshine and clear skies all around. Such weather is when a crop top needed to be worn, I think. Of course, with a denim jacket thrown over. Two outfit post in a row!

And of course we are praying for the people affected by the storms, while we were pretty safe. Also, while we are at it…let’s hope to the heavens that this weekend will be comfy and clear. We are planning to attend the Dallas Asian Festival. We have never been and are pretty excited to experience the foods, sights and sounds! Friday evening can’t get here soon enough!


Jazz Shoes


Woot, Woot Goodwill!

This is my second pair of dance shoes in mint condition that I have found there. The first pair were tap shoes and being that I’m a dancer at heart….a DANCER! You get it, yes? Okay, and while we are at it…I am an even bigger thrifter at heart. Everything you see here is thrifted being that this is an outfit post after all. And I haven’t done an “outfit post” in a long while. So here it is…what I wore today, what I danced in today, what my husband laughed at me in today. And if I can make him laugh…it is all worth it. Other than putting on clothes in the morning, we are getting our house done little by little…we have only 4 or 5 boxes left in our living room! What a feat…considering before it was like 100…so there’s that. And to cap the day off, in this house we finally have a garden flower bed. And we are planting that little thing up. Stay tuned for that! Things are getting “crazy” over at the Liles house…real. real. crazy.


She’s Kind of a Big Deal

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Mothers Day 2013! It was the best one by far! No stress, plenty of mama time, and yes – family time, a lot of really delicious food and the best of the best…laying in a warm bed with my mom watching Hocus Pocus yet again all while while eating nachos. I’m mean, it doesn’t get better than that. It’s the simplest things that can feel the absolute best. And while we are at it, nothing says mothers day for us like a giant bolt art piece. This is the 2nd year we have taken Mothers Day pictures by that sculpture, and it just keeps getting cheesier and cheesier! Only in the best way possible of course.

Though I’m not even a “mama, mama” but just a puppy mama…my amazing mom brought me back Minnie Mouse ears from DisneyWorld and a new Lost In Drawers vintage business card holder! She’s a dear and a half.

We, of course also celebrated Mothers Day with Bo’s mom, Sherry and and his family. And had the best brunch of our entire life. Bottom line, we love our mamas, we love our family and we are blessed in more ways than we can count.