Louisiana Children’s Museum

by lostindrawers


So, it rained on us in New Orleans. I mean, it’s Louisiana and weather can be tricky, so you gotta learn to roll with the punches! And roll with the punches we did. Thank the heavens that I bought this umbrella the day before when we were having delicious sweet treats at the amazing Sucre on Magazine Street. ‘Cause, boy, did I need it the next day. It poured much of the day. What do you do in a lovely yet rainy city on a Sunday? You check out the museums, and for us not just any New Orleans museums would do, only the Louisiana Children’s Museum. This place has been on our list for a while, and we are so glad that it rained in that we got to check it out. We pretty much had the entire place to ourselves, and we were able to stay a long time. There was so much to do and explore. The staff was as friendly as any we had ever been around. AND just because it’s called a “children’s museum” doesn’t mean we didn’t do pretty much did everything we could fit in to. We highly recommend it, if you have children or if you are just young at heart.

As the day progressed what was next on our agenda was a little bit more adult. We researched and researched and decided for my first little tiny tattoo we would try Electric Ladyland Tattoo and (Scott Barbier) were amazing, not snobby in the least and so kind. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt one bit. The N initial is for my mother. I wouldn’t get a tattoo like this for anybody else but her. That amazing woman and I have been through so much together, it’s only fitting my first tattoo is to honor her. What a great reminder of her love for me every single day. This trip was full of new experiences as we had amazing meals, lovely conversations with NOLA locals and yes, lots and lots of rain.