Throw Your Mittens Around Your Kittens and Away You Go

by lostindrawers

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Well, this was our last day in the Crescent City. The moments spent in the hours before we point our vehicle west towards home are always bittersweet. New Orleans is a place that is either just a place or it sinks its soul into yours and a part of you stays there no matter where you go. Our last day in the city always follows a similar pattern. We do a new thing or two, but we always return to a few favorites. This day had an event that was new and quite unexpected. We increasingly bike all around the city and this particular day, I had my first legit bicycle accident. Trying to avoid an inattentive cyclist, the crash bruised up my new bike, myself and maybe my ego a little bit. But I held my tears, and soon enough we were back at an old favorite, Salu, for a meal to cap off time well spent in the city we love.

C’est si bon,