Smattering of Here and There

by lostindrawers

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It’s been a full month, a very full and up and down month. From doctors’ visits, to traveling a bit and unpacking yet our house still has boxes? Are they multiplying? Many a fort could be built from the boxes we have accumulated. Getting settled into a new place and a new phase of life is never easy. Learning how to sleep in a new space to readjusting to having only bathroom with one sink, our life is never dull nor boring. Many a challenge to face and overcome. Currently, we are getting ready for Mothers’ Day. Our moms mean the world to us and we do take the time to try and honor them as best we can! (I’m not a mother yet, but maybe I can talk Emory into getting me a new iphone…eh…eh??)

And you know what makes for an amazing month? Amazing Lost in Drawers loves…special thank you cards received and best of all, beautiful ladies who look out of this world in our dresses. Our studio is set up, new dresses are up in the store and we have so much more on the horizon!