She’s Kind of a Big Deal

by lostindrawers

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Mothers Day 2013! It was the best one by far! No stress, plenty of mama time, and yes – family time, a lot of really delicious food and the best of the best…laying in a warm bed with my mom watching Hocus Pocus yet again all while while eating nachos. I’m mean, it doesn’t get better than that. It’s the simplest things that can feel the absolute best. And while we are at it, nothing says mothers day for us like a giant bolt art piece. This is the 2nd year we have taken Mothers Day pictures by that sculpture, and it just keeps getting cheesier and cheesier! Only in the best way possible of course.

Though I’m not even a “mama, mama” but just a puppy mama…my amazing mom brought me back Minnie Mouse ears from DisneyWorld and a new Lost In Drawers vintage business card holder! She’s a dear and a half.

We, of course also celebrated Mothers Day with Bo’s mom, Sherry and and his family. And had the best brunch of our entire life. Bottom line, we love our mamas, we love our family and we are blessed in more ways than we can count.