Hello Clio

by lostindrawers

8780340148_0eac2ab121Well, it’s been a long time coming. We’ve discussed a “sibling” brother for our beloved little Emory for quite sometime. We thought, we prayed, we made many decisions mentally and emotionally to ensure we did every thing in our power to adopt the right companion for Emory. We got our heartbroken a few times during our search. But this adoption just fit with us. So here he is. We adopted Mister Clio August, and we couldn’t be happier. He is a Pekingese puppy, and everything that goes a long with a puppy will come. But, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. At the end of the day, it was always about making Emory comfortable and very happy. He is our first pride and joy. He is slowly coming around to Clio.

We got a lot of questions as we let our friends and family know, mainly – why get ANOTHER dog? Are you afraid to have kids? You love Emory so much, how can you love another? Why the name Clio? Why the name Emory? In answer to the latter, both names were found on a list of old fashioned/vintage names that are formally Male names from the early 1900s. We liked the way they sounded, they fit their personalities, they fit together as E & C and so there we have it!

As far as the other questions? Yes! We do want kids, a baby to make our home a family. We actually have baby fever to the max at the moment. Both me and Bo. We love children, and have always had an affinity for all children and babies.

But for now we wanted another dog, for Emory’s sake. Being they are pack animals, we wanted him to have a companion to share adventures with, someone to love and grow up with!

As if you couldn’t tell, we looooove Emory! He is our everything, and was one of the most timely blessings when he came into our family. There’s enough love and kindness to go around. We adopted Clio and he is in his forever home. That’s something special to celebrate.