by lostindrawers

2Well, lately it’s been all about getting ready for the upcoming show and with that, getting our booth ready.  We’ve been setting our inventory, buying new things to add to the collection, I’ve fallen in love with a few things we have had for a while and maybe will have to put some things back for my own collection. As seen in my outfit posts.* This process is all very new for us, and we honestly have no idea what it will bring. But regardless, our top priorities are to be kind and work really really hard.

But besides Lost in Drawers Vintage/fashion, it’s puppy central in our home. All puppies all the time. We love them both very much. A tad too much? We need to get out beyond this nesting action as of late, probably more than we do. So, if the weather cooperates, a trip to Dallas sounds like a good change of scenery?

*Crosses fingers*

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