Messages on a Napkin

by lostindrawers


We sent a little Lost in Drawers care package to our friend Marlen, of Messages on a Napkin, which not only are we sponsors of but we are so thankful for all of her support and kindness towards our business/shop! Goodness goes a long way in our heart. And might we say, she looks pretty spectacular in this dress. AND she has her own vintage boutique on Etsy! Please go check it out…it’s all kinds of good:

As one that harbors a penchant for anything that looks like it could have possibly been stolen from the grandpa down the hall, this shop is my careful curation of the best elbow patches and Bill Cosby sweaters on this side of the Mississippi.

With a shop motto like that….we can definitely get behind Bear and Twine! Check out our her wonderful blog as well!