by lostindrawers


Oh, Sundays…Sundays can be incredibly boring, then fun and then boring again. It seems the pups love to wake up earlier and earlier as the summer days go by. This morning it was an 8 am wake up call. As the morning routine led into a nap for the boys, it was evident summer was in full swing around our house.

We decided to make a swing through the nearby antique mall, which being near the botanic gardens meant we couldn’t resist flowers and babbling brooks. But as the pups soon singled on a walk that barely made it up the block, the summer sun was going to win the day. Still, as the evening came and we all are settled in for the night, we can only patiently anticipate the DVD release of of Studio Ghibli’s From Up On Poppy Hill. Because that would be the best thing these warms nights could bring.


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