Rubbing Sticks and Stones Together

by lostindrawers


4 more weeks until the Liles/Andrews Disney World trip! Woot, Woot! This week our itinerary came in the mail, and it was as if Christmas morning had come around our house. We went a little dorky, and bought lanyards for our keycards to get into the park and the like. This is our first time staying at the actual resort property, and we won’t be taking the puppies along this time! Such a shock! And honestly, really kind of hard as they travel everywhere with us…so, it will be new and different and interesting to say the least. Not to mention it being our first trip with the Liles family. We usually have gone on most trips with my family. As it is, hopefully I can help out in the Disney arena, being I am a bit of a fanatic and all.

Other than all this Disney stuff, we have been trying to nursing little Clio back to some kind of reasonable health. His past vet visit, Dr. Snodgrass informed us that he has a condition known commonly as Cherry eye – symptoms include a visible fleshy mass, abnormal tear production, and a discharge or drainage from the eye area. It’s been a pain for him, and for us to see every day. Its just sad and Emory has been taking care of him as well, licking his head every chance he gets. So it was no surprise that we spent our 4th of July very very low key, with the pups, lounging, eating a lot of peach and cherry Pinkberry. And to keep it in balance, trying to eat in as much as possible to save a little bit of money. Thank the heavens Bo is a master BBQ person. He has really stepped up his game lately, and had become quite obsessed. And that’s a-OK with me.

Did I mention we are going to Disney World in 4 weeks?!