A Little of This a Little of That

by lostindrawers


There seems to be quite the theme on our blog lately. Puppies, more puppies and a spattering of other random of things we find interesting. One recent thing? It was my little brother’s birthday…and he is 24?? He shouldn’t be Twenty-Four! We used to spend hours watching The Little Mermaid over and over again. Sigh…what happened to the days of Chuck-E-Cheese and Ariel birthday cakes (all for him, mind you) Back in the present, I wore a Hawaiian print dress! (Exciting!) But mostly, the boys are getting into the Christmas In July spirit, and we are thrilled to have my parents back from Chicago!

AND FINALLY, we are still having our Christmas In July sale in the Lost In Drawers Vintage Etsy store.  Just enter the code JULYXMAS at checkout for 50% off ALL ITEMS from now until the end of the month! So, have a holly jolly Christmas In July on your friends from Lost In Drawers Vintage!