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Month: August, 2013


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Happiness is Japanese food…no, but really, I’m kind of obsessed. But other than just delicious food, I’m obsessed with my husband…maybe not obsessed but I do enjoy him…a lot. We got the chance to spend a start-to-finish day together and let me tell you: those are rare, folks. So, we like to stay together and go exploring new things or just enjoying our favorites when time allows. Simply put, this is what we wore, and it was an absolutely fun weekend, ate the best takeout from Tokyo Cafe AGAIN and went and stood by the Trinity Park Pillars again. But I kind of love them, as they are happiness in paint and color…maybe I’m even obsessed with it? And here we are at the start of a new week…

Is it my birthday yet?!!

Throwback Thursday

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It’s Thursday and we are throwing back from a few “old” photos..we read books, we baked, we played, we worked, we wore clothes aplenty and were featured on a pretty legit blog, Messages On A Napkin.

This is what is going on in our neck of the woods. And now it’s off to search Pinterest for inspiration and searching for kawaii food photos! Here’s to the unknown and wide open weekend!

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Wednesday Wear

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Since this is Wednesday Wear…let’s talk about fashion. I never, ever thought of myself as a Converse tennis shoe OR aviator sunglasses kind of person. But you know what…they somehow ended up coming home with me. One’s style does truly change the older you get. And I am definitely OK with it. Nothing wacky…nothing off the map, just right for this time of year.

Speaking of getting older, my birthday is in a few weeks…the big 29…officially late 20’s I suppose. *tear* I’m trying not to get into the trap of over-thinking it all, of where my life is going, I haven’t done “anything” route of birthday thoughts. But I do want to keep my whole life in perspective. Life is worth savoring everyday, both birthdays and unbirthdays alike, right?

Walt Disney World-Epcot

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4 years! 4 years of marriage! It doesn’t seem long, yet we have stayed together through so much in our married life. Some we’ve shared on this little blog of ours, much we’ve kept private. But all the while, we’ve done it together, we’ve been through it together. Marriage is not easy, in the least. Its tough, and hard, and a lot of work. But it’s ever equally beautiful, and lovely and perfectly imperfect all in the same breath. In a phrase, it’s worth it. And every year, we overcome and we learn each other and the world around us. And we took forward with eyes wide open.

And all the while, we discover new things hiding in plain sight in our city. The Trinity Pillar Project took to painting the spattered and graffiti covered pillars of the Lancaster Bridge in Trinity Park this past year. And these wonderful murals did nothing but make us smile on our anniversary. Little patches of beauty among the sameness of every day life in the city.

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Four Year Wedding Anniversary

1Bo LilesĀ  is my constant companion, clever like a fox, full of grace and acceptance, a solid guy, a solid best friends, long winded, sometimes forgetful always lovely human spirit, bearded wonder. To you my dear, dear sir…Happy Anniversary!

I am forever grateful for Heather Liles with whom I share our 4th Anniversary today. She is my rock in all of life’s weather, my adventuring partner, the most generous & kind soul, a better friend than anyone could ask for, a creative soul who has taught me how to see the world in technicolor, a patient puppy mom & the only person who could capture all the joys of our life & the only person I could ever cleave to when the world presses in on us. I’m only half a person w/ half a heart without her. As ever, my dear, I love you & Happy Anniversary!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Emory!


Oh, little Emory…you don’t read these blog posts (nor does he “really” care about his 3rd birthday) BUT, boy oh boy do we care! We spent the weekend with my family and most of it in our pajamas, but we of course had to celebrate his birthday on August 3rd! I mean, we just had to. He is 3 years old after all. He got a snazzy party hat, a bright new ball and lots and lots of family love. We are resigned to the reality that we are those cray doggie people, and honestly that’s OK with us. We love him, we love Clio. They make wherever we are home. So, we are blessed that our puppies make us so happy and hopefully better, more patient people. They are really and truly little heartbeats at our feet. Happy Birthday, little rapscallion Emory!