Happy 3rd Birthday Emory!

by lostindrawers


Oh, little Emory…you don’t read these blog posts (nor does he “really” care about his 3rd birthday) BUT, boy oh boy do we care! We spent the weekend with my family and most of it in our pajamas, but we of course had to celebrate his birthday on August 3rd! I mean, we just had to. He is 3 years old after all. He got a snazzy party hat, a bright new ball and lots and lots of family love. We are resigned to the reality that we are those cray doggie people, and honestly that’s OK with us. We love him, we love Clio. They make wherever we are home. So, we are blessed that our puppies make us so happy and hopefully better, more patient people. They are really and truly little heartbeats at our feet. Happy Birthday, little rapscallion Emory!