Four Year Wedding Anniversary

by lostindrawers

1Bo Liles  is my constant companion, clever like a fox, full of grace and acceptance, a solid guy, a solid best friends, long winded, sometimes forgetful always lovely human spirit, bearded wonder. To you my dear, dear sir…Happy Anniversary!

I am forever grateful for Heather Liles with whom I share our 4th Anniversary today. She is my rock in all of life’s weather, my adventuring partner, the most generous & kind soul, a better friend than anyone could ask for, a creative soul who has taught me how to see the world in technicolor, a patient puppy mom & the only person who could capture all the joys of our life & the only person I could ever cleave to when the world presses in on us. I’m only half a person w/ half a heart without her. As ever, my dear, I love you & Happy Anniversary!

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