by lostindrawers


4 years! 4 years of marriage! It doesn’t seem long, yet we have stayed together through so much in our married life. Some we’ve shared on this little blog of ours, much we’ve kept private. But all the while, we’ve done it together, we’ve been through it together. Marriage is not easy, in the least. Its tough, and hard, and a lot of work. But it’s ever equally beautiful, and lovely and perfectly imperfect all in the same breath. In a phrase, it’s worth it. And every year, we overcome and we learn each other and the world around us. And we took forward with eyes wide open.

And all the while, we discover new things hiding in plain sight in our city. The Trinity Pillar Project took to painting the spattered and graffiti covered pillars of the Lancaster Bridge in Trinity Park this past year. And these wonderful murals did nothing but make us smile on our anniversary. Little patches of beauty among the sameness of every day life in the city.

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