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Month: September, 2013

Almost There

It’s October tomorrow, and you know…YOU KNOW what that means! Hocus Pocus! The best of all Halloween movies! Well, that and Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Frankenweenie, Casper and so on. It’s also time for Halloween. And as it is, me and my mom are furiously getting ready and are so excited for our costumes…let’s say they are our favorite treat at Disney World…and just leave it at that!

So, the wigs might just be the best part of this month…or is it pumpkins? And candy corn. And all the candy.


Texas’ Number One Christmas Store


Who doesn’t love the Christmas spirit, and smell the familiar smells and bask in the decor? We sure do, and Heather has been wanting to go to this particular year-round Christmas store since I met her. And so on this particular day, after church – The Village Church – I decided we would have a little day adventure and headed over to Decorator’s Warehouse: Texas’ #1 Christmas Store! It’s beyond huge, more than a lot to take in, pretty magical, and all-around beautiful in the same breath. We saw some new things for decorating with over the next few months, and I think made more mental wish lists than we will be able to remember. I was a blast, and I cannot wait for December – both of ours favorite month of the year! How can you top it? Well, I decided to surprise her with Thanksgiving/holiday food – the works, roasted poultry, dressing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato souffle. Can you tell we are ready for the holidays?!

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For all the love in the world: it rained! It rained in Texas. Though it began 10 minutes after we decided to hang out at an abandoned building, again! Cause that is what we apparently love to do as of late! SO. Let’s talk about fashion…I bought striped pants, and striped pants can be quite tricky…all thanks to Beetlejuice and Robin Thicke.

So there’s that. I wore striped pants, I got a manicure and shopped for Halloween costumes for my mom and me and our date at a very special Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, hung out with Bo and almost can’t seem to ever leave the house due to a certain Pekingese never leaving our sides. It’s the weekend. But is it time for Halloween at Disney yet?

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Hocus Pocus

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It’s almost October! It seems everything loves to start earlier and earlier each year. We bought candy corn super early, Hocus Pocus is playing on the Lifetime network…though it should be on ABC Family but that’s another story, pumpkins are out everywhere. And I am really ready for Halloween, mainly because around Halloween my mother & I will be taking a trip down to Florida, for a certain Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, with a certain Mouse. Needless to say I am pretty pumped.

But let’s talk about some fashion. or #OOTD. I, for the longest time didn’t know what that stood for and had to Google it. Seriously, I’m only 29? What’s wrong with me. So in honor of the aforementioned hashtag, I wore this super cute polka dot dress with my favorite jacket of the moment. Even more fun, we trespassed at a doctor’s office and took some of these photos and the weekend could officially begin.


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My incredibly kind mother gifted me with this jumper. And I like her taste. She is a lovely woman that mom of mine. And so is Bo, which I kindly stole his beanie when I put my outfit on that morning. Beanies, are good and are amazing for cow licks. That’s right my bangs had a cow lick and I hid them with a beanie. Beanies and jumpers for this Wednesday. My bangs better be back to normal asap-or else!

Pleather Weather

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It’s time for pleather, or vegan friendly leather as they have taken to calling it. I wore this outfit to a school interview, and while the interview went extremely good, we prayed and talked it over and decided it wasn’t what I was called to do. But nonetheless, this is what I wore. These shoes – I can’t seem to take off my feet, and the skirt is a new favorite of mine. Cause it’s pleather, and I like that. So, it’s on to more school searching!

Cheers to that!

Here Comes Autumn Time


It might be a tad, tad tad early for candy corn but this bag is halfway done. Halfway done in that I have found several said corns in the creases of our couch. So, it’s September 25th! And in the same vein as harvest time, candy corn and such -it’s back to homemade soups we go!

We tried a bunch of made-from-scratch soups last year around this time and they were delicious, generally fast, and oh so easy. Tonight we made from scratch Chicken & Cheese Tortellini Soup w/ Spinach & Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes. Yes I said roasted heirloom tomatoes! We can all roll our eyes now.

Autumn was definitely here at our table. So, did we cover all the bases? Candy and Soup? Yes, yes we did. Can I say happy fall one more time!?


Autumn Wins


Oh hello there, fall! The weather is changing, the crispness is beginning to be up in the air, people are walking a little bit slower with some ease, and there is a kindness in the air about town. We got to celebrate my pops Michael’s birthday, with 3/4 of my family coming up to eat delicious bites, sip a few choice beverages and completely relax. Michael and Bo went to the Cowboys game as apart of Michael’s birthday, and Mom and I just spent a perfectly lazy day with the pups in hotel beds. The weekend was just a hint of autumn, and my absolutely favorite time of year. More of this, please?


It’s Candy Corn Time


So, first things first. Whatever this cold, sinus infection sickness is…it is crap. And it needs to leave my body immediately. But in spite of sickness trying to slow our household down, we can’t just put life totally on hold. It was a week of new things and few favorite things. I went to a new doctor, which is always a lot of hoops to jump through. Bo knew this, so Dale’s Donuts and their pillow-y donut hole of perfection were in order. I also did something I have been wanting to do, but never thought I would – I got my eyebrows threaded. And the result was so good! Sometimes trying seemingly minor things can give oneself a boost – especially when your sinuses have been in open rebellion. Yes, I return to favorite things when I am sick, so needless to say there was a lot of  Japanese Pocky treats and weird Japanese drinks and of course, Totoro. But it’s time for a three day weekend, my dad Michael’s birthday and hopefully some semi-fall weather? You hear that Texas? fall weather!

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Walt Disney World-Hollywood Studios


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