Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom

by lostindrawers


It’s no secret that we love Disney, nor do we hide the fact that in the last year, we have had the opportunity  (the blessed opportunity) to go to Walt Disney World in Florida three times. We love it, and every time we seem to see it through a different lens. This time around we were going with the entire Liles family, with our niece and nephew being rookies to the Magic Kingdom! You never know what to expect with a trip with family, who hadn’t done a theme park vacation all together, but luckily we were there to hopefully show them the ropes! I have to say that to see our niece really embrace the experience, and our nephew obsessing over what “fast rides” he could go on was a really cool experience.

This time around we stayed on property at the Art of Animation hotel, and that worked out pretty well as family could come and go to the parks, and let us tell you that access to a pool (or three!) during the Florida summer is must! But, let’s be honest – the two of us were bound to be the family members who would be at the parks the most. And we were. How else were we supposed to eat a required minimum amounts of DOLE WHIP and MICKEY ICE CREAM TREATS?!!!

We got to explore more of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, which was really fun and come on…every night at Disney World with fireworks is magical. Walt knew what he was doing, and for that every time is as fun as the first time!

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